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The Big Antiques Challenge

Discover your inner dealer! 

The Big Antiques Challenge is an innovative team game that is perfect for:

  • Corporate Entertaining

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Big House Parties

  • Multi-Team Community Challenges

  • Etc.

Become dealers for a day!


Teams receive instruction about what to expect before being let loose on unsuspecting Antique Dealers at large Flea Markets or amongst the shops of renowned Antiques towns.

In a given time frame and with a pre-agreed, limited budget, teams battle it out to buy the best items for profit!


All profits will be split amongst four annually nominated charities after being sold in the annual Stevens Auctioneers Charity Auction.

Companies, can entertain their guests and be seen to support charitable giving. Alternatively, they can support team building amongst their employees in the challenging world of buying and selling for profit.


For private teams, how about a little inter-family or friends rivalry that is tremendous fun to do!

Stevens Auctioneers will provide the Expert to value all items purchased and to offer help and guidance on the day.


Costs will depend on the number of teams taking part and the location of the Challenge.

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