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Estate Sales

Stevens Auctioneers have moved to a model which creates the perfect opportunity for a successful auction sale to be conducted direct from any property which contains a considerable amount of goods that needs to be cleared. Primarily for residential properties where a relative has passed away, leaving the responsibility for clearing the property to the Executors or Beneficiaries of the Will, this approach can also be taken where a business has been forced to close and must dispose of remaining stock and all fittings accordingly.


Whereas the traditional model in these circumstances has required all contents to be removed from the premises to be stored and later presented in a distant saleroom, the Stevens Auctioneers approach is to create the auction with all lots in-situ. This removes the need to pay carriage charges, thus reducing the costs of disposing of the goods to be auctioned. It also presents the lots in most cases exactly where they were originally intended to be, thus offering an 'at-home' setting rather than being lost in an impersonal saleroom.

Estate Sales used to be the domain of larger properties able to sustain crowds of buyers on sale day, whereas a smaller, property with less space made this difficult, if not impossible. Online bidding has exploded since the pandemic and one benefit of this is that, whilst viewing and post-sale lot collections can be managed on a Covid aware basis, the actual sale can still be offered with live bidding, but entirely online. Now, properties of all types and sizes can take advantage of the estate sale approach, all with lean, transparent and effective fees.

What does it cost?

We take a very simple approach to our fee structure so that the Vendor(s) knows from the very beginning what the costs will be.


 Our fee to appraise, catalogue, manage and present the sale, including live or timed bidding online, plus managing the viewing and collection days, is set at 30% of the total hammer price, including VAT and the online bidding platform cost. The only fees additional to this will be for electrical goods included in the sale which will need a PAT test to ensure safety. Each item requiring a PAT test will be charged at £5.00 per item.

There is nothing to pay prior to the sale and all fees will be deducted from the auction proceeds before the balance is transferred to the Vendor(s).

There are no fees for unsold items and every lot will be offered with a sensible, or no reserve. 

Please CONTACT US if you wish to know more.

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