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Full Inventory Report

The Full Inventory Report produced by Stevens Auctioneers will be an important and valuable tool offering the following benefits:

  • It will be a complete list of visible contents - offering the potential full auction sale value of all those contents.

  • It can be used to assist with identifying items to be valued under probate (likely to be worth in excess of £500 individually) 

  • It can assist with family distribution.

  • It will identify individual items of high value (if any) that may otherwise be missed.

  • It will ensure any later house clearance requirement is relative to the value of items to be cleared.

Case Study: A House Clearance Operative contacted Stevens Auctioneers for an appraisal on items he was paid to remove from the property of a deceased relative, the beneficiaries for the estate being based some hundred miles away from the property. The beneficiaries assumed their deceased relative had no items of value due to the condition of the house and so simply asked for the property to be cleared of all contents without prior evaluation.

Amongst the items offered for appraisal by the house clearance operative were ornamental items with a value total of around £300 and (in what looked like a small cheap box) over £700 worth of gold including a 22ct gold sovereign, 18ct gold bracelet and several 9ct gold jewellery pieces. 

By not having a prior appraisal but instead employing a house clearance operative to clear the property unseen, the beneficiaries gave away circa £1,000 in contents (and only a small amount was presented for appraisal) and paid £400 for the clearance to take place. One example why it pays to have a prior inventory valuation completed...

The inventory comprises:

  • A list (organised by room or outside building) of the visible contents with a short description followed by a proposed auction sale estimate within set bands. It will also note any items that will require specialist appraisal

  • The valuation will be followed by suggested most cost-effective method of disposal including:

    • House clearance

    • Offer to charity

    • Offer to purchase (followed by offer)

    • Submission to Fine Art Auction

    • Submission to Specialist Auction

  • If it is decided that a special on-site auction would prove the best method overall, this will be noted at the start of the inventory.

  • Similar items (such as Books, Records, DVDs, CDs, etc) will be valued as a collection unless specific high value examples are noted.

  • Clothes will automatically be noted as suitable for offer to charity unless specific high value examples are identified.

  • Any fine jewellery found will be catalogued separately and photographed before removal for safe-keeping until advised by the beneficiaries/Executors if the value is to be included in any clearance requirement.

  • All items of a personal nature (family documents/photographs etc) will be boxed and labelled so not to be included with clearance requirements.

  • After completion of the inventory, all items will remain in-situ until after instructions are received from the Beneficiaries/Executors as regards the clearance. (Exceptions are any Fine Jewellery as noted above.)

  • The cost to engage Stevens Auctioneers to visit the property within our normal areas of operation, conduct a room by room inventory inspections and to deliver the written report is as follows:

    • All internal rooms. (Max 3 bedrooms)*- £295.00

    • *Additional bedrooms, charged at £40 per room

    • Garage and individual outbuildings charged at £60 per unit

    • Properties outside of our normal areas of operation - please ask for a quote. 

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