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Home Visit Valuations


Do you have old and interesting items around the house that you would like an opinion of value for?

This is where Stevens Auctioneers can assist.

Visits can be arranged for a minimum of five items or more and charges for this service as follows:

1. Verbal auction assessment - 10% of the lowest figure suggested for potential selling price. i.e. If suggested the item could reach between £80 and £120, the charge will be £8.00.

2. Written auction assessment - 15% of the lowest figure suggested as above.

Offer to Purchase

It may be that you intend to sell the item(s) valued and if interested, Stevens Auctioneers may make you an offer to purchase.

  • If an offer to purchase is made, it will be at the lowest figure of the price range plus 10%. i.e. if suggested in the same range of £80 - £120, an offer to purchase could be made of £88.00. If the offer to purchase is accepted then NO auction assessment fee is charged for the item.

Auction Agency

​If you would prefer to submit the item(s) for public auctions, Stevens Auctioneers can assist as your Auction Agent to do so accordingly.

  • Stevens Auctioneers have partnered with selected Fine Art and Specialist Auction Houses to enable items to be presented into specialist sales whilst acting as the Seller's Auction Agent. This means that the Seller's Commission normally charged by the Auction House will be split with Stevens Auctioneers by bespoke arrangement.

  • Should that option be right for the item(s) to be sold, Stevens Auctioneers will liaise with the chosen Auction House and act as the Seller's representative accordingly. Please contact us for full details.

Case Studies

Case Study One -  Mr & Mrs D. wanted assistance in valuing the eclectic collection of items their son had amassed and had been placed into storage after his early and untimely death. With items ranging from 1950's kitsch to modern art prints etc, a home visit proved that he had a very good eye and, using a local auction house, over £700 was taken before auction costs for most of the items. Amongst the items, however, was a limited edition Banksy print from the first run of only 250 examples. Acting as an Auction Agent for the clients, this item was presented to a London Auction house who have estimated the print to be worth in excess of £15,000. Stevens Auctioneers were able to negotiate a 6% reduction in the seller's commission fee and the print sold for £20,000!

Case Study Two - Mrs G had a vase her parents bought in the Middle East in the 1920's and now she wanted it valued and sold by the best method possible. Stevens Auctioneers duly presented it for sale online and bidding reached over £500 - 4 times the original estimate.

In both cases, the actual worth of value of items in the house can surprise you. To make an appointment for us to visit, please click below.